Bodegas Gómez de segura

Wine tourism

Guided tours

Why not treat yourself to the unbeatable experience of taking a trip back in time to witness our ancestors’ curious wine-making customs seen through our family’s eyes to grasp a better understanding of the history of wine as you go down 7 metres underground to partake of a pre-lunch tasting.

Enologo por un día
Pisado uva

Grape pressing

An essential part of the cultural landscape in the wine world are the presses and treading of the grapes. The ‘lagar’ is the press where the vineyard first comes into contact with the winery, or the grape with the wine, or the farmer with the producer.
Wine is made in many ways but forming a part of the wine-making process is soothing and rewarding. At Bodegas Gómez de Segura, we offer you a chance to experience the traditional way by treading the grapes lying in the press to extract the must and then tasting it. Afterwards, the experience can be rounded off with a tour of the winery followed by a light snack to regain strength.

Discover the art and science of the harvesting and oenology

At Bodegas Gómez de Segura, we offer you a chance to enjoy the outdoors on our land and work for a day. Bring the youngest ones in the family so that they can feel the pleasure of picking and then treading the grapes and tasting what they produce: the first musts of the harvest!

And then, step back in time and wander through more than 70 years of our history as you learn about the most important phases required to make a good wine. The parents will also be able to enjoy a unique taste of the wine drawn directly from the tanks.

Vinicultor por un día

Gastronomic experience

Soak yourself in Rioja culture with a Gómez de Segura wine, watching the baby lamb chops being charbroiled while you start first with a classic local dish: potatoes with chorizo!


If you prefer, you can choose an exclusive lunch served at one of our vineyards located between the Sierra Cantabria mountains and the Ebro River.