Gómez de Segura


Strong expression of Tempranillo freshness


Ana Gomez de Segura


José Antonio Gómez de Segura


D.O.C.* Rioja, district: Rioja Alavesa


These 41-year-old vineyards are all located within the municipal boundaries of Laguardia. The soil is very poor calcareous-clay on south-facing slopes. Wholly-owned vineyards, 100% Tempranillo.


Mediterranean climate with Atlantic influence which varies extremely between summer and winter.

Annual rainfall: 400 litres.


The grapes are mechanically de-stemmed and pressed and left to macerate with their skins for 2 days to extract the desired colour hue. The must ferments in stainless-steel tanks for 28 days at 16˚C. Stabilisation is maintained by cooling.

Tasting notes

Clean and bright strawberry pink colour. Powerful, complex and fruity aroma with hints of raspberry. Fresh fruity and tasty on the palate. Its strong feature is the acidity in perfect balance with the rest of the flavours, a very expressive wine that is accentuated at the finish.


This wine goes very well with rice dishes of various types but which are not overly strong in flavour or aroma. An excellent accompaniment to vegetables sautéed in olive oil, pasta, soups, creams, smoked meats, white meats, omelettes, etc.

Serving temperature

8 – 10 ºC



Challenge International Du Vin Gold Medal