Aged vineyards

The Gómez de Segura family owns aged vineyards that yield small production outputs but thanks to the depth of their roots, are able to obtain minerals that young vineyards cannot capture and thus successfully produce more complex wines.

Respect for the environment

All our grapes are produced according to the INTEGRATED PRODUCTION scheme, which employs practices compatible with protecting and improving the Environment, natural resources, genetic diversity and soil and landscape conservation. No herbicides are used - weeds are removed using mechanical means. Our fertilizer is made from sheep manure to preserve the physical-chemical properties of the soil and any plant health treatments to be carried out are based on sulphur and copper.

Goblet training

Goblet training and pruning provides balance in the vineyard at plant and output production level. Furthermore, it means that the bunches are well aerated and thus provide healthier grapes with more uniform ripening.

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